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Tactile sensor

A tactile sensor is developed with the aim of covering a robot’s entire structure, while reducing wiring requirement and ensuring high-speed response.


Proximity sensor

Uniquely integrated reflective photosensor array detects an approaching object center position and distance. We have applied NSPS to various of robot systems and human interface as the fast response noncontact sensor.
This sensor is based on Net-Structure Tactile Sensor. In this sensor, infrared LED and photo-transistors are used as the detection elements. Lines from the sensor consist of six wires only regardless of number, surface area, or placement of detection elements. Response time is less than 1 ms without regard to the number of detection elements.

Slip sensor

The sensor is constructed from electrodes and pressure conductive rubber. Its structure is simple and can be mounted on the tip of each finger of a robot hand. The sensor detect initial slip.